Sunday, May 31, 2009

Kouda Entry_163: Good News / Bad News

First thing's first. I was photoshopping around, trying to make a new profile pic for this blog. But what I ended up with won't fit into the 200pixel sidebar.

So instead, I used it as my deviantart profile picture. But for the sake of being a whore, I'll post it here too. XD.


Select - bordered

Failed effect. I gave up halfway through. As usual. Lol.


At any rate! Good news:

My Taekwondo instructor gave me my new belt last Friday~!!!


Obviously the one on the left is the new one. ^_^



Bad news:

I was being a smartass a few days ago and tried to update my PSP's software on my own.

AND NOW IT CAN'T READ ISO FILES!!! O nooooooeeeessss!!!!!

In layman's terms, Kyo can no longer play cheap pirated games on his PSP. i.e. my PSP just devolved into the world's most expensive doorstop.









Ah well, at least that zombie grape will have something to eat. Goodbye cruel world!