Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Kouda Entry_154: Finishing School Training Program


Attention final year students of UiTM Shah Alam!!

Before you get all worked up, please READ THE DAMN NOTICE CAREFULLY.

I mean, don't go passing around half of the information to your friends. It's just mean and rude to get those people all anxious and stuff.


You can find details here:


Read it CAREFULLY, okeh?

These are the COURSES that are involved in the program:

> Chemical Engineering (Degree)
> Civil Engineering (Degree)
> Electrical Engineering (Degree)

THERE IS NO NAMELIST FOR AS114 (Diploma in Microbiology)


I have no idea why they listed Faculty of Applied Science as one of the faculties involved. It's probably because all the halls are located in that faculty. In which case; bodo. Lol.


That's it. Kanak-kanak dari AS114 (diploma microbiology), jangan la kecoh nak suruh member gi program. Kesian dowh member cuak x pasal-pasal. XD haha.


If the people of uitm wants to punish us for not going, then I plead that the person who wrote that announcement was a dunce, and did not provide the crucial information.

It's not my fault if the guys in charge failed to do their job kan?

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