Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kouda Entry_158: Angels & Demons Review

Aite, let's get crackin!


It's been about 5 days since I watched the preview screening. And the movie has premiered all over Malaysia. So, I guess it's safe for me to post my thoughts on it.


Here's a list of the pros and cons of the movie:




1> The CG was superb.
The animation on how the Anti-Matter was formed, the Anti-matter's appearence, the explosion, they were all amazing. Kyo loves the fluid motion of the particles.

2> The occasional humor was nicely done.
Good timing. Not overly comical, just like the book itself.

3> Tom Hanks got a haircut. Thank God.
Rejoice people. The hair is much better this time around. No more latino hunk wannabe. XD

4> The Soundtrack was just "OMG!".
No, seriously. OMG! Download!

5> Ewan McGregor did a splendid job as the Camerlengo.
Obi-Wan always did look good in a robe. It wasn't a surprise that he easily pulled off the part as the hopeful priest. Too bad about the ending though.







1> Not that much CG was used.
Although the CG was great, there weren't that many in the movie. Unlike The Da Vinci Code, where they showed a bunch of fancy effects to visualize Robert Langdon's thoughts and explanations. I WAN CG!!

2> Tom Hanks in swimming briefs.
O_o Le Horrorz!!! Think about the children!!!

3> They changed part of the storyline!!
I mean MUTILATED it!!! Wtf I was looking forward to the ending, but they butchered it. Fuk! Whyyyyy~!!!???

4> No Illuminati Diamond!!!
Instead we get a pair of keys. Nothing more controversial than a couple of keys, eh...  (ok la, maybe the whole diamond wouldn't fit on someone's chest. But still).

5> The duration of the chase was unsatisfactory.
It takes Langdon 5 minutes to get from one statue to the other. Not enough time for the suspense to sink in. It's as if they barely had any trouble figuring out the clues.



Overall, I think people who haven't read the book would probably enjoy this movie.

Since I read the book, I had a some expectations which were never met by the movie. Haih... sedikit kecewa la this.


Still a good movie. If you find The Da Vinci Code a good watch, then you should give this one a shot.



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