Sunday, May 17, 2009

Kouda Entry_157: At The Premiere

I wish I could've blogged about this sooner. But I didn't have my laptop with me when I went to KL.

I've managed to update my Facebook status by using Reza's Blackberry and Azi's Nokia 5800. Hish, I should get a phone with a wireless. Lol.


at 1:27 am!?


Now that it's already the 17th, and the movie officially premiered for the whole of Malaysia to see, I can write an all-out "review" of it. Har har.


But first, OMG Kyo must tell what happened at the premiere!!

Azi and I were just chatting away, waiting for the movie to start. I think we annoyed a few people, but whatevs, we were bored. Lol. (Sorry lah ^_^;;)


And then Josh (one of the advertlets people) said a few words. He started to announce the winner of the blogging competition.

But little did I know, there was one category that I never knew existed:

I was shocked and nervous. Lol.
Didn't expect my name to be said out loud for everyone to hear.

I didn't even know that there was a "Most Creative Post" category. XD


 05   06


Good thing Miao didn't join in on the competition. He'd pwn my ass in a heartbeat. Lol.


Thank you Advertlets for letting me win something! I can't remember your names (except Josh) because I was so stoked. Lol.

If someone could kindly remind me... I'd appreciate it. XD


Oh, I'll write that "review" later. Wouldn't want this to end up being a mixed up entry now. Til then!