Monday, September 16, 2013

Kouda Entry_283: Fresh Air

So, after moving to a different apartment (yes, I recently moved to a new place ), I found an old comicblog entry draft in one of my files. I believe this was way back when I was doing my industrial training (and that was 2+ years ago. Ermegerd).

And thus, I decided to spend a bunch of hours to finally turn it into a legit blog entry:


283 - set1 (1 2)283 - set2 (3 4)283 - set3 (5 6)283 - 7283 - 8 (anim)[3]



283 - 9




283 - 10


If I recall, at that point of time, the Sun was so fahhkeeng hot that it felt as if my skin was baking every time I stepped outside. It was less than pleasant.

In fact, I think I once actually fell ill for a week after being boiled from the inside of my car. Macam pau, except more comel and less tasty. Yes, that was a thing. Huehuehue.

Also, this entry is brought to you by the magical Layer Paint on my Galaxy Note 10.1. BEST INVENTION EVAAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Aaaaand I’m done.