Saturday, June 5, 2010

Kouda Entry_196: Under Construction

Hey guys, just a little update to show that I am not “completely” ignoring this blog.

Sorry to say, it’s a little hard for me to draw strips lately, since this happened:

need new gloves...definitely

My gloves are mutilated!! I can’t draw properly since my hands have uh…relatively active sweat glands *embarrassed* lol. That, added with the uber scorching weather we’re having…makes it difficult for me to do a lot of hand-related stuff. DX


So, instead, I’ve decided to work on something that doesn’t require a wacom; editing the blog’s layout. I’m sure you guys have noticed a very slight change in the current layout.

Well, I switched back to the TicTac template (since it’s easier to edit) and modified the html (and graphics) to appear like the previous theme (…a bit).


Bad News: A while back, Blogspot upgraded to some sort of xhtml format, which I am COMPLETELY unfamiliar with. So, my html editing skills just levelled down by a bunch. Sucks.

Good News: This template is still way easier to edit than the previous theme that I used. So, I’ll be able to make changes to the layout more often (Maybe add a little color to this watered-down blog) like I did during my non-comic-blogging days.


Hey~, been a while since I saw a whole heap of text in this blog. Whee~!!!

So, basically, KYO GOTS NO GLOVES, SO HE CAN’T DRAW. *sad face* Curse my hands for being so manja.


Honestly, I can draw using the Wacom without gloves, but I’m afraid it might ruin it’s shiny outer plate (I sayang my gadgets okeh. Haha).

Later guys~. Sorry, no comic strip yet. *sad face again*


THEReading isn’t half bad la kan?END