Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kouda Entry_242: March of Symbology

So, in an effort to ensure I blog more, I’ve decided to start a 30-day blogging “challenge”, which I’m calling; The March of Symbology.

March of Symbology

The idea of this challenge is for me to make one symbol a day, in alphabetical order. (e.g. day 1-A, day 2-B, day 3-c …).

The March of Symbology basically involves 2 parts;
1> YOU GUYS give me a WORD based on the alphabet of the day.
2> I’ll come up with a symbol based on the chosen word.

If there are no word suggestions, then I’ll probably not post anything. Lol. #Pemalas XD

You guys can post your word suggestion on one of the following:-
i> Here (post a comment)
ii> Facebook (link~)
iii> Twitter (@Koudamainframe)

Oh, include a reason for you word suggestion, please. That’ll help me come up with a related symbol. :3

Eg:- ARROW. Because I was an adventurer once.



Okeh. Let’s get things started. Tomorrow (1.3.2012) is day 1. So, any word suggestions starting with the letter ‘A’?



THEMarch of SymbologyEND