Sunday, May 13, 2012

Kouda Entry_263: HLAB*1502 Launching

Youtube isn’t cooperating and keeps effing up my upload. So, for now, I’ll be putting it up on my Facebook. :3

SNAA Medic Sdn Bhd launched their new genotyping kit, and I was asked to put together a video for them.

I had limited resources and time. Managed to pull this off in a matter of 2 days. The voiceover is crappy. Well, I recorded in my car (least echo) with a headset. Studio bajet~. Trolololol. It was freakin hot in there without air conditioning, okeh! ~_~

Oh, the background music is by Dummeh:-

The dude does awesome orchestral versions of video game soundtracks. :D

Aite, that’s it for now, Imma go catch up on some rest. Kbai.