Monday, July 18, 2016

Kouda Entry_323: Kill It

Back home when I was a wee little thing (Like 13 laidet, so jambu I tel u), my sister’s room kept getting broken into by uh… unwanted organisms. Mostly they were either snakes or biawak (lizards. Like the ones the size of your thigh, bruh).

So one day, a lizard decided to do an impromtu site visit, much to our… displeasure. And being a budding scientist with half the decent amount of functioning brain cells, I decided to let my pet cat, Simba deal with it.

Granted, the lizard was (if I recall correctly,) bigger than the (fully grown, adult) cat. But heck, cats are natural-born hunters right?

323 - 01
323 - 02
323 - 03
323 - 04
323 - 05
323 - 06


Welp, it didn’t go as planned. Simba bolted out of that room faster than a fat kid with explosive diarrhea looking for a toilet.

Lizard = 1, Cat = 0



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