Saturday, March 26, 2016

Kouda Entry_318: To Korea (Part 3)

Here’s part 3. We split up so that I can take my sweet ass time recording videos and taking photos. Because y’all can’t rush art. Rose and I tried out the Rail Bike ride in Gapyeong. It was a great view, despite the autumn setting. Although I imagine it would be even more breathtaking during peak seasons (but the idea of braving through a mountain of tourists is a dealbreaker for me).

To be quite honest, there wasn’t much to look at in Nami Island during the off season. Which is what you wouuld expect. But, we still had a pretty enjoyable time. The galleries were…ehh…different? And some of the scenery was still remarkable regardless of the season.


To Korea (Part 3)


Thou shalt enjoyeth the other parts…eth…

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