Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kouda Entry_133: Stupid Messages

You know what I hate?

When I get messages in social websites (like friendster, facebook, myspace) where people ask me oh-so-stupid questions.

Here's a list of the crap I get messaged bout:



1> How old are you?
- Hello, my age is so obviously displayed in my profile. If you can't spare 5 seconds of your time to take a look, then I don't want to spare 5 seconds of my time answering your question.



2> Do you have a girlfriend / "Dah kapel ke blum" ?
- How's that any of your business? Can you be anymore blatant? Mengundang kena lempang ini orang.



3> Where are you staying?
- Stalker much? And besides, PROFILE! DUH!



4> Hai, nak kawan bleh / can I be your fren?
- DELETE. cukup trauma dengan ini soalan.



5> How are you?
- The answer will always be "Fine", so stop asking. Unless it's YM, then I'll consider it as a valid greeting.



Also, this one BARELY qualify as MESSAGE:



6> Hi~ / Haaaiiii~ / Hyeeee~
- wtf? Does this kid have Cerebral Palsy or something?



. . . still getting used to the wacom