Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Kouda Entry_136: Red-Eye Nero

I noticed this last Thursday, before I went for my industrial training.

Nero - pink eye

O deng Nero has a pink eye. First time seeing a cat with conjuctivitis symptoms before...Intriguing.

Of course the initial thought I had was "What the hell did you shove into your eye!?"

And then I thought "Fuck, this better not be contagious".

Yup, I'm a selfish ass. XD.

Nero - contagious

This might make me sound like a bad owner, but I only managed to take Nero to a vet on Saturday (2 days later).

Shut up, the vet is closed on Fridays.

Nero - bad

Seriously, the trip to the vet taught me one thing; Nero is a downright pussy. (As in coward lah)

He wouldn't stop meow-ing in a very "OMG I'm scared let me outta here" kind of way.

And for God knows whatever reason, I was all "Kejap je ni, ok".

I was consoling my cat... I feel retarded. Lol.

Nero - Home

I had to wait for the doctor to finish tending to her current customer. Bapak lama eh diorang duk kat situ.

I swear, those people were just yappin' about God knows what and made me wait longer than I needed to. Not to mention I had to hold down that squirming furball of a cat. Penat dowh.

The doc didn't know exactly what Nero had. She think something might've poked / stung / infected his eye.

. . . very specific . . .

Seriously, I've read more detailed explanations from the back of a cereal box.

Nero - meds

No, there's no needle.

As if a doctor would let me handle a sharp object.

That syringe squirts (squirts O_o?) out the ointment, and I rub it on Nero's eye. While he scratches my arms in protest la of course.

Nero - protest

No, he doesn't scratch at my face when I'm giving him meds.

But he does tend to TRY and scratch my face whenever I rub his stomach. No idea why he does that though.

Nero - Rub

You're probably thinking, "Dude, that thing is diseased! Quit touching it! Eww!".

His left eye je kot yang infected. Not the whole of his feline anatomy. And besides, there aren't any commonly known germs that can jump from cats to humans (except for leptospira, but that's not the point XD).

Kyo is blathering about microbiology. RUN!

Nero - lying

Still gedik as always though. Pantang nampak kaki aku, mesti je nak berguling2.

Dah, abis. Go back to whatever it is you were doing.