Saturday, March 28, 2009

Kouda Entry_139: Last Day

YAY! My Industrial Training is OVER!!!

1 day earlier than you guys in KL. Muakakaka!

So, yeah, it was fun. Poking around in the labs, getting to know the uber nice people there.

Albeit there were 1 or 2 that were a bit too stuck up, in my opinion.

Seriously, what's so hard about giving a polite smile every now and then? Even if you can't smile, at least stop staring at me (us) like we're some sort of exotic animal that don't belong in the department.

 muka ketat

By the end of the 3 month industrial training, we (The Praktikidz) pretty much warmed up to just about every staff in the department.

Save mister "muka ketat" there la of course.

Well, at any rate, this blog isn't about him. It was just a flimsy pretext for me to draw a column of chibis. Lol.


* * *


Aite, so on the last day (which was on Thursday), me and the guys decided to get some sort of gift for the staff there.

But before that, me and Acab had to go to the local CELCOM CENTER to settle a few things. He wanted to upgrade his Sim Card, and my 3G wasn't working. Bankai.

Turns out my phone's setting was on GSM, not 3G. Which is why it wasn't working. Double Bankai.


Yay! My first video call (which makes me sound jakun gilababi)!!

They were at a CINEMA!! On a WORKING DAY!! Gilak eh!! Memonteng!!!

Yer yer je cakap nak bagi good impression during the final week of the industrial training. Hahaha.


Well, at any rate, after finishing our business at the Center, we decided to grab a bite to eat. And Azri suggested this place nearby.

He said the Cendol there is gewd. So I figured, what the heck.


It took about 10 or so minutes for the food to be served. I didn't know it'd take that long to make cendol. O_o

How bout a ciggy while waiting? (Ohoho, learned that word from Chim)


And of course, Kyo pun nak amik gambar like that oso.

smoke 2

Kids, smoking can cause severe illnesses. Like turning gay or growing a third eye. O shock!

But the bud tasted sweet tho. XDDDD

O shut up. The damn stick wasn't even lit, you prudes.




With our very lovely Acab as the model in this seemingly candid photo.


No lah, Acab isn't that much of a glutton. Lol.

The cendol was friggin sweet! I think I'm losing my title as a Kelantanese. Manis sikit pun xleh tahan. Lol.

Terpaksa la Shakir mencari orang lain sebagai indicator barangan manis sekarang.


So, aite, once we finished stuffing our faces, we decided to go get some other business done.

But along the way, I had my camera prepped for some controversial pics.


Well, it's not really a dramatic shot that could shatter the very beliefs of little children. But it makes you think. XD


Me and the guys (Or "The guys and I", if you think that my English is so fuckin horrible. In which case, fuck you.) were heading to a shop in search of a plaque.

plaque 1

No, that's a dental plaque. I'm talking about this kind of plaque:


LOL. Simple jek. But then I took a closer look at it, and I realized this little problem:



Astaga I didn't see it when I picked up the damn plank. Aiyo, now I'm gonna have to go there and make them fix that stupid typo.

Kesian Azrie.

Kesian Kyo for having to drive all the way to that shop again.

Kesian my dad for having to pay for the fuel. Akakaka.

Ah well. Small problem je kot. But if the shop refuses to fix that problem, then I'm crackin open a fresh bottle of Hell just for them. Believe it or not.


* * *

Well, at any rate, since it was the last day we'll be hanging around in the Microbiology department, I decided to have a little session with my digicam.


Do you have any idea how hard it is to keep that friggin lab coat from flappin about!? Very un-photogenic itu benda. Or mebbe it's just me. XD.



Acab and Azrie. Ahahaha I couldn't resist. Buttercup is missing.


Astaga I look unexpectedly distorted O_o. If the Mycobacteriology Lab staff see me like this, they'll hurl me out of the department. XD

Ah, well, it was fun. You guys in the department made these past 3 months bearable. Thanks a bunch!


Shut up. My Blog, My choice of pictures XD.