Sunday, January 4, 2009

Kouda Entry_111: Resolution

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No.1 Get a Digital Camera >_>

Typically, every year, we'd kid ourselves by thinkin up some ridiculous goal to achieve.

And so as not to miss the boat, I also came up with a few goals to kid myself with:

> Finish Chapter One of Exorsus.
- Wtf tak siap2 lagi?

> Get back to my drawing comics. At least make one complete chapter.
- Kesian ini benda. Dah lama kena abandon. Tsk...tsk... Biaser la, no readers kan. Lol.

> Improve on my bitchin.
- As in find better ways to bitch and make it more entertaining. Akakaka! Quit bitchin? Are you insane!?

> Organize my stuff better.
- I so don't wanna be the typical bachelor with a room that looks like it's gone through World War II.