Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kouda Entry_115: Kyo + Bored

We all know what happens when Kyo get's bored, right?

No, I mean when there's no porn around. Lol.

That was a seriously disgusting introduction... Moving on...

Okeh okeh, so I was in the microbio lab counter today. And of course, I enjoyed the occasional work where I had to register a bunch of samples.

However, when there aren't any samples to register, Kyo spends his time (and marker pen ink) doin this:

Kyo mencapab

Kyo + bored = Vandalism XD

O mai, very de shiny. Ahahaha!

Shut up, I was bored. It looks pretty good tho. Albeit xder motif and utterly pointless.

Whets your appetite, don't it? Ahahaha!

I was excited as a bald man hearing about a 50% discount on wigs! If that makes sense...

All the blood samples in the world are at my disposal! Muakakakaka!

Registering all them samples into the system was a better use of my time than just sittin around do nuthin.

I am officially out of stuff to shit about. END