Monday, January 5, 2009

Kouda Entry_112: HUSM Day One

Today's the big day; the first day of my practicals!

Aite, so I woke up at about 6.15am this morning to get ready...but I fell asleep again. Lol.

Fortunately, mom woke me up at 6.45am, and this time, I actually got all the way up, instead of dropping back down on my bed like an overweight lump of rock.

I kid you not when I say that I was nervous (probably subconsciously). Cuz, I wasn't really all jittery, but instead I felt nauseous. To the point where even the sweet scent of toasted bread made me gag.

Or mebbe I got impregnated by some unscrupulous aliens while I was asleep. Lol.

At any rate, I got ready, had a bite to eat for breakfast, and downed a mug of coffee (just for the heck of it). And at 7.30am, mom drove me to HUSM.

Shut up. My mom volunteered to take me. Since we weren't sure there was gonna be any parking spaces. God forbid I spend an hour of my morning scouring the hospital grounds for a patch of open land to abandon my car.

And as usual, Kyo like the easy way out. Ekekeke.

Ok, so on the road, I got to take a look at the wads of cars and sacks of flesh children clumping together, entering schools. Awww...wat serabut jalan je. Akakaka!

No lah. Kids getting education. That's good. I'm just pissed cuz I was afraid I might be late for my first day at the hospital.

On the way there, me n mom talked about how me n my siblings acted when we were in schools. Mom said my teachers complained that I distracted the kids in my class a lot when I was in primary school.

Why? Because I drew a lot, and the kids tend to gather around me to watch. Ahaha! Ain't that adorable. Kyo has been a little menace even before puberty. XD.

Okay, okay, we reached the hospital at about 8.10am. And I was supposed to register at 8.10am. So, you can imagine how discombobulated I was after taking a look at the clock. Lol.

We reached the Human Resources counter at about 8.20am, i think. The good news is, I wasn't the last guy to arrive. The bad news is, the last guy to arrive got there at about 9.00am. And the rest of us had to wait for all of us to be there before we could head for the Microbiology labs.

The waiting...oh gawd...the waiting...

The Last to Arrive

Left to right; Acap, Azrie, Yeh and Kamal. Apparently, clogged traffic, coupled with zero parking can do horrible things to your punctuality. Who'dve thunk?

And yea, I'm too lazy to upload the pics on "imageshack" and paste it on this blog. No idea why I do it in the first place. Lol.

Microbes and Parasites, how droll.

As much as I miss my crew. It's good that I had the opportunity to get acquainted with my uh...practical-mates. Lol. At least it gives me more people to manipulate learn from.

PSP!? Lolz

Now THIS is my kind of department. A gamer being assigned to a unit that has PSP plastered all over it.

I'm still trying to figure out what PPSP stands for...I'm pretty sure Microbiology starts with an "M"...

* * *

We didn't do anything today, sadly. Azi told me she and Ima got to try out some Chikugunya confirmation tests or sumthin. I got jealous.

I wanna do sumthin like that too! Dah la HUKM ada them awesum tube-transport thingy where you just chuck a bottle of sample into a hole and it magically flies to another department.

Dengki. Chet. XD

All we have (as far as I know), is a big ass machine called Pheonix (O mai, koolness) that no one uses because it doesn't produce top-notch results.

It's probably cuz they weren't given proper training on how to use it. Like the Electron Microscope in UiTM shah alam. A big heaping waste of cash. I wanna touch it! Electron Microscope!! I want!!! Lol.

So yeah, me and the other 6 microbers just sat and lounged about in the office the whole day. Apart from the short tour of the lab and the briefing lah. But that covered a good 2 hours.

I better have sumthin interestin to do tomorrow! All this lazing about is giving me a headache.

Yes, Kyo memang tau komplen je. Wat keje pun komplen, duk saje2 pun komplen. XD

* * *

I miss shakir. He's the only faithful and trustworthy cameraman I ever had. Lol.

And I so want a digital camera. Mebbe I should add subliminal messages into my dad's newspaper.

A blogger is NOTHING without a reliable camera!