Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kouda Entry_120: Hookey~!

Aite, so today was a rather interesting day. Heck, if it weren't for the tiredness, I'd even call it fun. ^_^

Me and the other PraktiKidz (Uh...Practical Kids lol) actually planned on going to the Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri (JPN) today.

They needed to get their MUET registrations done, and I needed to attempt on getting a copy of my SPM slip. Yup, Kyo lost his SPM slip. And I completely forgot my results. Quite a pickle I'm in, eh?

In order to get the info needed to fill in my forms, I had to go back to my old sekolah menengah and poke around in the office.


Sempat amik gambar. XD

I'm not all too fond of this school though. Since I was a nobody throughout being there. Lol emo. Pfft.

Long story short, the JPN people screwed me over and I couldn't get the slip thing done. Big surprise.

Good news? At least the other PraktiKidz (I make us sound like some sort of retarded TV show) got their registrations done. O yay...~

Then we went to eat, cuz it was lunchtime already.


In Kelantan, 11.00am is already lunch break. Ahahaha! Well, for us la neways.

We ate at "Mamak Spicy" , and I swear, all of us went broke after a single meal.

My menu consisted of:

White Rice + Chicken + Veggies + 1 Watermelon Drink.

And that added up to a frikkin RM8.00! Wtf!? I can get a meal of the same amount (and probably quality) at HUSM's cafe for barely RM5.00!

And HUSM doesn't run my Petrol dry or make me wait horrendously long in traffic jams!

Kyo is a cheapskate, and a lazy arse (take note of that, will you). So, I am NEVER going to that Mamak Spicy place EVER again. Makan Maggie kat umah lagi bagus. XD

After stuffing ourselves with them overpriced dishes, instead of heading back to HUSM, we decided to get to know Kelantan a bit better:

How come I never saw this giant piece of work in all my (almost) 22 years livin in KB!?

If it weren't for the shades, we'd probably look EXACTLY the same.

SEE!? EXACTLY! Actually, I think he looks better in shades than me. Damn.

Azrie wasn't gonna let me have all the fun:

Hey, this Kaunter Pertanyaan joke was all his idea. Haha.

Although some people were a tad unethical and threw insults. Not at us la of course. I dare not say who it was or what is it they said, but I disagree with their lack of open-mindedness.

Kanak2 sekalian, kalau nak masuk tempat orang, jaga adat. Walaupun berlainan agama, jangan suka2 nak menghina kepercayaan orang lain. X elok dowh.

Aite, aite, so, we didn't get to go inside. I kinda wanted to see what it was like inside the temple. But alas, another day perhaps.

Again, instead of going back to HUSM, we took another detour. To a place that KL and Shah Alam WON'T EVER be able to top:


A weird image though. Formal clothes at the beach? Wtf?

Oh, those are Coconut flavored Jelly we're stuffin our faces with. Courtesy of Azrie. Terasa agak exotic jugak. Lol.

I had to crop the two girls on the right side of the pic cuz they were just too far out.

I always find time to indulge in Mutha Neitcha's booty beauty. And don't you just love it when you see someone sit on crap?

I have far too much jewelry / trinkets for a guy to be wearing. Well...ring, watch, bracelet...I guess that's not so gay bad.

It's the hip new boyband. When they're not shoving their mullets full of coconut jelly, that is.

All in all, today was hellishly fun.