Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Kouda Entry_116: Sick

I can't believe I'm sick.

It's only a light fever, but it's still a pain in the gonads.

At about 5am this morning. I was woken up by this unholy discomfort in the few corners of my head (heads have corners...?).

And god, it felt like my brain was about to cave in. So I tossed and turned for maybe an hour, hoping that I'd knock myself out again.

But nope, I was wide awake throughout the whole throbbing cranium episode. Le horrorz.

Naturally, I decided not to risk driving to HUSM in the unstable condition that I was in. No way am I gettin behind the wheel while the back of my head was experiencing repeated decompression.

So, I stayed home. Yay! Been a while since I had to lie in bed and suffer in agony. >_>

Never had one of these before.

2 day's off! Wootz! If it weren't for the relentless headaches and the feverish temperature, it would've been a fun day.