Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Kouda Entry_119: Eye-Killin



I was having one of my regular eye-strains. So I decided to depict the severe pain in the form of a chibi.

But by the time I was done, the eye-strain went away. Lolz.

At first I wanted to post the lineart I drew using my drawing pen(s). But then the blotchy-ness of the pen ink was uber ugleh!

So, I retraced the whole thing using the pen-tool on Photoshop.

Hey, a pen is a pen. Be it on photoshop, or in real life. Rite? Rite?

PEN TOOL ROX! (Although I think the chibi up there might not be too happy bout it XD)

And now my eyes feel dry. >_>

YES! This was an utter waste of your time, since it's not a real blog update. Ahar har har~.

Oh, and Raldo sez hi;


Yes, Kyo has a stuffed animal. ALERT THE EFFIN PRESS!!!!

Shut up, I got it as a gift for bein the MC for this International Sports Festival thingy a few years back.

And it's been spending like the past 2 years inside my closet. Thought I'd give it a breath of fresh air for once.

OMG kyo talks about an object as if it actually breaths!? Ini pengaruh Azi!! O shit I need to undergo therapy or sumthin!

Hey! Hey! END!