Thursday, January 8, 2009

Kouda Entry_113: Cut My Leg

I took my friend to the bus station last Sunday.

And while waiting for the bus (which was 1 hour n 30 minutes late btw), i decided to order myself a drink.

Of course, Kyo ordered his all time drink; Neslo.

Bit little did I know, that what the girl at the counter gave me wasn't Neslo, but it's Evil twin brother.

Why is it Evil, you ask? Well, so Evil, that it gave me an idea for a product. I give you:


A Kelantanese's All Time Fav!

Tadaah! It looks normal. But don't let your eyes fool you.

This uber concentrated mix of milo, nescafe and condensed milk is one powerful nut-buster.

Those with a weak gut will likely lose their balls after taking a single sip of this unholy concoction. Don't ask me how that's supposed to make sense.

I don't have the EXACT recipe for this tongue-numbing delight. But I'd say it goes sumthin like this;

1> 5 fistful of Milo

2> 1 spoon of Nescafe

3> 10 20 spoonfuls of condensed milk

4> 5 drops of water

Ick. I know la I'm a Kelantanese, but it's not like my arteries were made with a sugar-despensing system to flush out all the excess sweetness.

I think I clogged like 8 of my veins after finishing a cup of this sugary nightmare.