Friday, January 23, 2009

Kouda Entry_117: Uniform

Hey, Chinese New Year is poppin up soon!

And as tradition goes, young'ns would go around gettin ang pow, right?

But not dear old young-adult Kyo. He gets this instead:

Entry_116 (1)

Entry_116 (2)

A new Taekwondo uniform! Yayz!

Some might qualify this as:

1> Nerd

2> Spastic enthusiasm

3> A sick habit of collecting uniforms to get all kinky in.

. . .

I kinda like idea number 3. XD. And don't you dare deny that you had the same dirty thoughts too. Lol.

Just gettin all riled up while your man all suited up for action. Ahahahaha!!!! "Ladies, you know you want to". ROTFLOL.

White stains too easily. No kinky for my new uniform. Nu'uh.

O look behind you, a Panda doing squats! (?)