Thursday, January 15, 2009

Kouda Entry_114: MUET

MUET results came out today!!

Kyo is slightly excited. Lol.


Nah, tengok puas2. This thing'll probably be valid for the next 2, 3 years.

Okay, I had to censor my IC number. Private info. Ekeke.

So yea, Band 5 jek. Not as hype as band 6 or wtvr. But considering I wasn't even prepared for the test, I shud just shut up and be happy. XD.

It's times like this that you start wishing that you actually read up a bit on MUET before taking it.

The reading section was a whore. Bapak banyak cerpen kena baca. I swear my eyes shriveled up from all the reading. Mati bosan i tel u.

And the writing section caught me by the gonads. Bagi piechart, then suruh elaborate. I was fine with the elaborating part. But, I was clueless if there was a specific format I was supposed to follow.

The listening section, easy as π.

The speaking... oh the speaking... Never in my life have I been in a group that was SO out of sync. They were either "not making sense", or "completely engrossed in their own world".

And as such, I had to be the chairman. Ohoho, Kyo masuk bakul. But of kos~!

Meh, the Band isn't even all that important pun. As long as you took the test, it's enough to get you in most of the local universities.

i.e. I can't use it to apply for overseas applications. Geddit? No? Then go screw a wallabe or sumthin.