Saturday, January 31, 2009

Kouda Entry_121: Retarded Warnings

You know how you keep getting these messages "warning" you about retarded things?

Like a Tok Bomoh spraying people with cursed perfumes,
or desperate nut-less bastards voodoo-ing innocent civilians for no reason,
or Batman's going on a rampage and sodomizing horny kids.

Well, I just got a YM message that immediately pissed me off (at the sender lah, of course).
And it goes:

<uber long QUOTE>
BAHAYA!!! anda mungkin telah minum CARLSBERG!! (WTF?) Carlsberg baru sahaja mengeluarkan dua produk minuman tin terbarunya bernama JOLLY SHANDY (Oh I'm overwhelmed with shock~ >_>) berperisa LEMON dan ORANGE. Malah corak dan warna tin minuman tersebut seolah2 sama seperti tin minuman biasa F&N, PEPSI, Coca Cola, Drinho, Yeos, etc (Were you expecting a fluorescent, dildo-shaped can?). Apa yang membimbangkan kita semua umat Islam ialah kemungkinan ia dipasarkan secara terbuka dan meluas sehinggakan ada nanti umat Islam yang terbeli minuman tersebut (Hello, its called MARKETING. This is a beverage, we're talkin bout here. Not fuckin pounds of Cocaine). Tambahan pula perkataan "Contains alcohol" hanya di tulis kecil sahaja di belakang tin tersebut (At least it's actually fukin STATED. They don't cover the damn can with "CONTAINS ALCOHOL" labels. Besides, "SHANDY". It's already obvious to the max la wei.) . HARAP SEBARKAN MAKLUMAT INI UNTUK KEBAIKAN SEMUA UMAT ISLAM................. > > > > > > > > > > JANGAN LUPA SEBARKAN X G2 ANDA AKAN DOSA SEUMUR HIDUP KERANA MENDAPAT INFO TAPI X SEBARKAN....

Seriously, what kind of brainless dufus would confuse a JOLLY SHANDY for an innocent can of Coke?

Are we really that "kampung" to not AT LEAST question a can of soft drink that has SHANDY plastered all over it?

Have you EVER even seen a can / bottle of alcoholic beverage before!?

It's called a HALAL label. If you see a new food/beverage product, at the very least have the IQ to look for that damned print.

Kalau xder itu label, x payah la nak minum/makan kalau dah was-was sangat.

Now, if you've got news like "Oh no! Scientists discovered that Malaysia's water supply is contaminated with blood-sucking parasites! Pass it on plz rotflolomgwtf~", then I might be inclined to look it up, out of curiosity.

Another useless "warning". PFFT.

Ok, ok, dah "tersebar" dah. Xder la dosa aku kan? Tapi berdosa gak kalau duk menyebar benda2 mengarut nih. >_>

This has been another "PEOPLE SHOULD BE LESS RETARDED" news update. I'm Kyoru, signing off.