Saturday, January 24, 2009

Kouda Entry_118: Thy Name is Vain

Hey hey, mom woke me up to take my pills this mornin. But as usual, I blacked out on my bed again shortly after prying my eyelids open.

I know you're supposed to take your antibiotics on time. But my bed was just too fuhriggin comfortable XD.

So, I got up again later, and being the klutz that I am, I tripped on this damn thing:

Kouda Entry_117 (3)

Which makes it...wut...the third time this week?

Aren't you supposed to be GOOD for my health, instead of breaking my toe every single time I wake up in the morning!? >_>

Shut up, it was dark, and the left side of my occipital lobe was still asleep.

After shouting out a few choice cusses at this...inanimate piece of metal...I bathed, had breakfast and downed my pills.

And then~ I figured I'd grab my phone and be vain for the next few minutes:

Kouda Entry_117 (1)

Lousy lighting made my skin tone all screwed up.

Yes, I was in the bathroom. Shut up. Like you haven't posed a few shots in the shower before. Pfft. XD

It took me a significant sum of seconds to finally realize that I was bein a dork inside the bathing quarters.

So I moved to my "work" quarters instead.Lol.:

Kouda Entry_117 (2)

Yes, Kyo can be very de self-involved. Ahahaha!


Oh, kantoi bukak frenster kat blakang. And that fruity piece on my desk doesn't help either XD.

Ey, look! It's the end of this post! END!